Social Media- Changing the World for Greater Good

by Hannah Tighe on  February 14, 2010 |

Like most of you out there, I have been very moved by the plight of the Haitian people. I have watched this tragedy in horror, and am amazed at how resilient these people are. I am sure all of you have wanted to do anything to help, but most of us are quite limited in our ability to do very much.”

But then, I quickly realized that I can utilize social media to spread the word. I jumped on Twitter, and was astounded by the response.  Using Twitter, Facebook, etc. , people can spread the word about an event or donation drive, or even find a missing loved one. Finally, there is a place in which people all over the world can– in an instant– connect, and actively promote charity. People truly want to help each other, and using this technology is a powerful way to do that.

For my own efforts,

I quickly found a local organization called  shoes2share and was able to get the word out in my community.  I was able to get enough formula to feed 10 infants for 3 weeks, 2 cases of medical ( bandages and antiseptic) supplies, 2 large boxes of personal care items, 5 huge industrial sized bags of blankets and over 160 pairs of gently used shoes.

I also connected with some amazing people in the Baltimore area Baltimore Acts who are raising funds for Haiti. They are staging  a star-studded benefit, called: “Rock for Haiti”.

I also found an few interesting blog posts which show you FREE ways to help Haiti, which you can’t beat in this economy!

Free ways to help Hait

Direct relief quiz

“It is truly a renaissance in human interaction to witness all these people working together for the greater good. Since we live in such amazing times, we really should be asking ourselves, How can we engage this amazing technology to create a better world?”

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  1. Drew Griffin | | Reply

    I’m happy that your altruism can touch the lives of those that were affected by that terrible tragedy. One hopes that your acts of kindness can inspire others to create and provide valued thoughts,service and consumable products and help from which these people can benefit.

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