How To Upload Video From You Tube To Your Blog

by Hannah Tighe on  March 15, 2010 |

Although, I constantly talk about the importance of video, I have spent too much time trying to figure out how to upload correctly to my blog.  Thankfully, web  extraordinaire Dani Nelson from Hot Glue Media quickly showed me the light.  For any of you who are pulling your hair out trying to make your video appear in a video player, this one is for you!

1.Log into your blog

2. Go to add new post

3.  Click on Visual

4.  Click on Kitchen Sink

5.  Click on the film strip tab ( on my toolbar it is the second row 7 in from the paragraph tab)

6.  Paste your embedded URL from You Tube etc.

Viola!  You should be ready to go!  Hope you enjoy this one, my baby boy was rocking out to it yesterday!

Quick note, if this doesn’t work for you, you can utilize a plugin like Vipers Video Quicktags .  If your blog is WordPress 2.9, you can go to the Plugin toolbar do a quick search.  Click on install and you are good to go!  This plugin is fantastic, pick your video hosting site, You Tube, Vimeo, Spike etc.  paste the URL code and you are done!  Couldn’t get any easier then that!

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  1. Dani | | Reply

    If you’re running WP 2.9 or greater, you can also embed videos from selected sites (like YouTube) by pasting just the URL onto its own line, like this:

    Content content content
    http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=XQcVllWpwGs
    Content content content

    (Spaces in the above URL are on purpose)
    There’s a list of the formats that this will work with on the WordPress Codex Embed page.

    If you’re running a tutorials site or another site where video is an important component and want something a bit more polished than YouTube, there are plenty of plugins available for self-hosted video. The JW Player from LongTail is one of the best out there, and will handle audio as well as video. There is a fee involved for use on professional or commercial sites, but it’s great for media-rich sites. Hana FLV is my other current favorite – it contains three video players, all of which can be used commercially for free.

    If you use a video player like JW or Hana, then adding videos is similar to adding pictures – upload through the media manager, and WordPress does the rest!


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