How to make a viral video for your business

by Hannah Tighe on  April 8, 2010 |

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I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting a fantastic video producer who really understands how to create a video that is meant to be shared.  Bob Gollwitzer of  ProMobile Productions makes funny, edgy videos that truly capture a brands message can take it  “viral”.  What are some of the characteristics to  define such a video?  A “viral video” is one that entertains, inspires, or educates  and makes your audience want to share that information as complete your call to action.

Making a video stand out which will benefit your business is not an easy feat.  Often  I have seen businesses put out a video where a guy drones on and on in a monotone voice as to why you do business with them.  Usually they are in their office, complete with a lovely beige background and rubber plant to compliment their white dress shirt.

Below is an example of a video which allows people to get the gist of the superior quality, customer service etc that makes this store stand out above the rest.  Bob is able to get all of this across in a humorous, tongue and check manner, which makes you build a connection to the store.  I watch the video and think, ” Wow, these people are fantastic, fun people who think out of the box, and gee, doesn’t that produce look fresh and yummy?”   It makes me want to go there and check it out.

Try to keep this in mind when creating your video.  You are trying to get people to connect with you, your personality, your products and why you are different.  You don’t want people to watch your video and think “Bueller, Bueller, Bueller”

Bob was gracious enough to give some pointers to me that I would like to share.   You can learn more about his amazing video work at  ProMobile Productions and Youniquevideo .  Or check out his blog at  Legacyleavers and get more helpful tips!  Hope this helps!

    What are the things you would ask a person to consider before shooting a video?

    #1 Do you have a website? Is that website more than one page long and if so, how would you like to condense what it says in eight pages into one minute with video.

    What are some questions people should ask before hiring a video production company?

    Can I see the links to at least three projects you’ve produced for other clients? How long have you been in video production? Do you use home video equipment, industrial or high-end HD commercial equipment.

    What would you say it the most important aspect of making a video viral?

    Is it funny, sexy or have something relevant to the friends who will share it on Facebook, YouTube, Stumbleupon, Digg, Vimeo, etc.

    What are the most common mistakes you see in company videos

    Storyboard, script, lack of experience in telling a story, crisp high-definition video and lousy production value in terms of the overall look.

    What are the benefits of having a video?

    You can “tell your story” and what it is that makes your company, product or brand so different, better or cost-effective verses the competition.


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