How to Create a “Fan”tastic Facebook Fan Page in 5 Easy Steps


Many people are confused and angry about what is going on with Facebook privacy and landing page glitches.  However, no matter the outcome,  it remains  an amazing marketing tool.  While all the drama is being played out,  it is a great time to get up to speed about making your Fan Page work for you.  Here are some pointers to get started:

1.  Create a page that helps you build SEO ( Search Engine Friendliness):  Use your  Business or Brand for the title of the page and once you get 100 fans you can pick a  username in addition to your title.  Try to have your Business/ Brand name and a keyword or two  people may use when searching for your product or service so that you can be found.  Make sure you load keyword friendly text into your about section.  This section really helps you allowing keyword rich text.  Include all your outbound links in the information section as well as your address so you can be found for local search.

2.  Create a landing page :  Put yourself out there!   Video yourself telling people what they  will find when they come to your page.  Why should they stay and become a fan?  What type of information can they find here?  Who are you?  Set this as your default page for new visitors to your page so they can see what you are all about.

3. Call to Action:  Run a special promotion for people who become fans.  Put it on the landing page prominently , so they don’t have to go through hoops to sign up to be a fan.

4.  Create Buzz about your business:  You may do this,  by holding contests, or asking opinions on something.  Fans love to be involved in your success.  Who doesn’t love to share their opinion?  You can  create a spot  where fans can post their own pictures of how they used your product and let your fans shine!    Another way to engage fans is to ask and answer questions that your fans may find of interest.  Put information out in your status updates that teach your clients something, or help them in some way and your fans will come back for more!

5.  Post Video and Images:   You can have humorous video about your product or service, video of events you are doing, or even online educational seminars about what people may need in your niche industry.  Ask yourself, “will this help my customers make more money, feel better, or help them in some way. ”  If the answer is yes, then go for it!

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