Whats holding you back?

by Hannah Tighe on  July 11, 2010 |

Everyone is so eager to jump on the “Social Media” bandwagon these days.  Everyone is beginning to take notice that YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin are all tremendous ways to network and create buzz about your business.

The key to developing a plan that actually works however, is to make sure that you continue to update your status, create compelling content and engage with your clients.  I myself have recently fallen off the publishing cycle I had  created.

What is your biggest challenge with posting content?  What would you like most to streamline? What would be the biggest help to you to keep your social media presence going instead of languishing in the dust?  Please comment and let me know what your struggling with.   Are blog posts a bore?  Are you having a hard time deciding what is relevant or not?

So here is the question:  “If only I didn’t have to ( insert your source of agina)  I would be able to keep up with this so much easier.”  Thanks in advance for your comments!

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One comment on “Whats holding you back?”
  1. Matt | | Reply

    I have no idea what to post and how to get more people to like our Facebook page. It’s really frustrating.


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