Dirty Secret of Local Internet Marketing



If I said, “I can get you to the top of Google in the next few days, “you would be lovin me right?  Well, here are a few tips to rank locally within your niche.  While most people are busy paying outrageous fees for pay per click,  you can happily find your place among the top for free!

Tip# 1

Make sure you are listed in local directories. Seems pretty simple, but if you are not listed you have to work a heck of a lot harder to rank.

Tip #2

Make sure all of your content, photos, and videos are tagged correctly to include local key word rich phrases with long tail key words.  Just adding a few local areas to your keywords and content  can boost your ranking dramatically.

Tip #3

Make sure you are connecting with people and businesses in your industry and link to their site.  The more links you have coming into your site that are relevant in your industry the better


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