Personalize on LinkedIn or Lose

by Hannah Tighe on  February 25, 2015 |

In this episode: Personalize on LinkedIn or Lose

Personalization is the key to any successful relationship.

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care” ― Theodore Roosevelt

Connecting randomly to people with the cookie cutter message and other lack of personalization, greatly decreases your credibility and prospects interest in what you have to offer.

The three keys to success you will learn in this milestone are…

  • Personalize Connection Requests
  • Interact with people with personalized updates, no generic spam.. Helpful things for that group of people in a group mesage or in group discussion
  • Karma is calling and its not a robocall

Intrigued? Then watch the latest video from Hannah Tighe because she has the answers.

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