Reaching Out To Prospects Successfully (Episode 3 of 4)

by Hannah Tighe on  March 24, 2015 |

Welcome back!

In episode #1, we looked at setting the stage for success with your LinkedIn profile summary.  In episode #2, we explored how to use targeted prospecting on LinkedIn that generates results.

Let’s get right into how to reach out to prospects successfully on LinkedIn. This can be especially daunting to people. Reaching out offline is just like reaching out online, you just need to be personal and genuine.

The three keys to success you will learn in this milestone are…

  • Personalize Message
  • How to respond to the awesome, random and awkward….I would like to add you to my network.
  • How to decide is someone who randomly reaches out is a good fit.

Intrigued? Then watch the latest video to get more!

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