Vetting Your Volunteers/ Making It A Win-Win by having the list experience and recommending

by Hannah Tighe on  April 29, 2015 |

In episode #1, we looked at Laying the Foundation and Building Your Brand:  The Company Page.  In episode #2, we explored how to Get the employees/board members on board with a branded profile.  In episode #3, we dug into How To Search For Top Talent and Donors on LinkedIn For Your Non Profit.  In this episode, we finish off this series with a look into getting the right volunteers and giving them an opportunity to build professional credibility and recognition.

The three keys to success you will learn in this milestone are…

  • Vetting Volunteers Through The LinkedIn Profile: Do they have the actual skills you need?
  • Using volunteer experience to build skillset and expertise
  • Thanking Volunteers and Board Members Through Linkedin Recommendations

Intrigued? Then watch the latest video from Hannah Tighe because she has the answers.

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