Why its essential to use Twitter for Business

by Hannah Tighe on  October 24, 2009 |

I came across a great blog post by Steve Kennedy of TwitterAcademy.com. [Disclaimer] Steve Kennedy and I work together at A Step Ahead Media. I found what Steve said to be accurate and therefore I am sharing it with you below in its entirety. If you want to see the original post you can find it here.



If you run a brick and mortar business, or provide services primarily to offline business owners, it can be tempting to dismiss social media entirely. After all, you’re busy attending networking events, advertising in local print publications, and placing ads in your Yellow Pages – who has time for social networking? The reality, however, is that whether your business is online or offline – your potential clients are Online, and you need to go online to find them.

More and more successful business owners are embracing the power of social networking. Everyone from small home based businesses to large national conglomerates are jumping on the bandwagon – and those who don’t are simply being left behind. If you’ve heard about Twitter, but have no idea how to put it to work for your business on a local level, this post offers x tips.

1. Advertise the Same Old Way

At first, just add your Twitter information to your current advertising. Put it on posters, websites, flyers, and print ads, so that potential customers who are involved with social networking will know how to find you. Make it clear that you’ll be offering online only and Twitter only specials, so that your customers know up front what the benefits of following you are.

2. Step it Up

Next, begin putting out advertisements with some sort of giveaway for following you on Twitter. A local coffee shop might give away a $10 gift card randomly to a Twitter follower, for example. Encourage people to follow you to see what great offers you come up with next.

3. Brand Yourself

Take the time to set up a Twitter profile that’s consistent with your brand. Include images, store locations and web addresses, etc. Carry your advertising through to your profile, but also take the time to show that there’s a real person behind the business. Don’t be afraid to share a joke, anecdote, or quote with your customers – it helps them to get to know you and your business.


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