5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get What you Want Out of Your Business This Year

by Hannah Tighe on  January 12, 2012 |

Its a brand new year and you are excited for the possibilities.  This is the year that is going to make the difference!   How will you get out of your own way to make a plan that will stick?  Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to clarify your goals and get you going:

1.  What are your values for your business and your life?  List 5 of your top values here and look to see if your business service offerings, customer policies and pricing reflect that

2.  What did you discover about yourself and your business last year.  Review what goals you made for yourself last year.  Did you reach any of them? You hopefully spent alot of time in your business last year doing various action functions.  What action items made your heart sing, and what items made you want to go in search of a margarita?  Can you outsource any of those mind numbing tasks to someone else?  All of us only have so much time in a day, so try to keep that time devoted to  your creativity and passion parts  which reflect  the core of why you started your business.  Decide to inspire yourself and those around you everyday and you will be amazed at the increase in productivity and revenue.

3.  Why did you not achieve some of your goals?  Was it lack of time, lack of resources, lack of action, skills, product offerings etc.  Be honest with yourself here and create an action plan to work on these areas or decide to outsource if reasonable.

4.  Who did you meet or could possibly meet in the future that will help build your business?  Many of us go to networking events weekly and monthly and never do a thing with that business card.  Take some time to try to connect with them via LinkedIn and keep abreast of thier updates.   Take some time to comment on updates and help point them to helpful resources.  Invite them to have a cup of coffee offline and find out more about what they do and how you may help them in achieving their goals.   Connect them to people who can help them achieve thier goals and who knows, you may  be rewarded in both good Karma and a possible future lead.

5.What are 3 goals you would love to attain in your business right now that are slightly unrealistic?  What are 5 action items you can do right now to get your closer to that goal?


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