The Irresistible Inmail or Connection Request (Episode 4 of 4)

by Hannah Tighe on  March 31, 2015 |
In episode #1, we looked at setting the stage for success with your LinkedIn profile summary.  In episode #2, we explored how to use targeted prospecting on LinkedIn that generates results.  In episode #3, we dug into how to reach out to prospects successfully on LinkedIn.  In this episode, we finish off this series with a look into how to craft your connection invite requests and your messages so people are interested in opening up a dialogue.
The three keys to success you will learn in this milestone are…
  • Personalize and Build Rapport
  • Give them reason why you think it would make sense for the two of you to connect.
  • Give Away Something Valuable To Increase Your Credibility and Sincerity

Intrigued? Then watch the latest video to get more!

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