Non Profits CAN benefit from LinkedIn

by Hannah Tighe on  April 6, 2015 |

Hey Non Profits!

Are your employees tapped into LinkedIn?

Do you realize that if they are not, you may be hurting your chances of getting donors/volunteers/board members?

Well, what if you could easily find volunteers, board members and even donors?

I’d like to share with you how this video series: How Non-Profits CAN profit from LinkedIn can help you achieve a thriving non profit with top talent and resources.

Just watch the video below to get started and come back each Wednesday as we release new episodes in the series.

The four milestones in this journey are…

  • Laying the Foundation and Building Your Brand: The Company Page
  • Getting the employees/board members on board with a branded profile
  • How To Search For Top Talent and Donors on LinkedIn For Your Non Profit
  • Vetting Your Volunteers/ Making It A Win- Win by having the list experience and recommending

Intrigued? Then watch this brief intro video about this series.

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